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Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Projects Brewing!

Coming off of my chainmaille haze, I always need something new to create. While reluctantly stopping by our town's "adult lifestyle" store (don't ask!), I found a supply of sort of cheesy license plates, for my license plate purses:

They had all kinds of sayings like this, like HOTCHICK, and stuff like that. I'll do the purse fabric and zipper in black, the strap in black cotton (knit or crochet; macramé took too long), and the lining will be a funky crazy pattern (2 fat quarters will do). I'll do an inside pocket for this one. I'll sell them for $100.
This morning, I was watching Jewelry School on some random cable channel, and I saw this:

Where was this when I was bead looming??? Amazon sells them, so that's where I'll be getting it from. I want to make it myself, but it's probably less expensive to just buy it. This answers the very thing that frustrated me when I was bead looming - my loom had a short stationary length. This one is adjustable! I would probably make standard bracelet length marks on the side of it, but the possibilities on this are endless. And the most outstanding feature? Only 2 warp threads left over, instead of 25 or more (depending on the width of the project). I can't wait to get this loom, and I don't even have any loom projects lurking! I can actually see doing sheets of bead work (by sewing them together).

I really need to start putting up other creations on the Etsy page. I think I'm scared nothing will sell... oh well. That doesn't stop me from creating!

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