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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Today's Progress

Today's progress: By just following the directions on the original tutorial, instead of questioning it, the zipper turned out great!

I had some quick thinking to do, because I didn't want triangle sides, because I figured the purse wouldn't open wide enough, so I modified it, and made it a rectangle. I didn't have enough of the fat quarter for all of the lining, but I had enough of the denim to make the other side of the lining. Then more quick thinking made me see that I had to cut the top and bottom in half to make a not so wide a depth of a purse. I like the modifications. I can see the purse taking shape.
And the most important part.... I've decided to rivet the license plates on first then sew up the purse. It looks like there is enough room for me to fit the rivet tool inside the purse.
I also changed the color of the macrame strap to dark and mid blues with a D-ring. So cool when an idea comes to fruition. I'm a little apprehensive about the sailor shorts. The instructions make NO sense. Stay tuned.

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