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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Project - License Plate Purse

Okay, the new project is in the "planning" stage. These are the previous plates from my Jeep. I'm so glad the state of Georgia didn't make me give them up. They represent such an important part of my life's journey. I have to drill evenly spaced holes in both of the plates, and I think I'm going KNIT the bottom and the sides (with the cotton crochet I have left over from my crochet baskets), and maybe add a zipper. Stay tuned.
On the sailor shorts front, I purchased everything I needed to start sewing my shorts (2 yards of denim, gold buttons, gold cording and grommets for the back). When I went to break my new sewing machine in, I noticed that my machine is lacking the general straight stitch presser foot. I ordered one from Amazon.com, so I'm waiting for it. I still have to cut out the pattern pieces. I received the Bettie "Hello Sailor) bathing suit from Pin Up Girls Clothing (.com). It fit perfectly, but I hate anything tied around my neck so I'm going to convert the halter tie into shoulder straps. It's going to look so great with the shorts.

I can't wait to start sewing dresses and skirts.

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