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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Epic Fail!!!

Definitely back to the drawing board. Yes, they look fine, and it's a mighty fine waistband, but the pants are maybe 2 sizes too small!!! UGH!!!! I didn't want to make a muslin, and these turned out to be a very expensive muslin! The pattern was tres tres tres hard to figure out, BUT I prefer the home printed pattern, because if you cut the wrong size, you can just print the pattern again... yes, back breaking work, but worth it. I'm so mad, but going through the sewing steps will help me understand better the next time around, because I'm determined to make these shorts! There are a couple of things on the pattern that I just didn't understand. I wrote the company, and I'm hoping to get an answer.
Things I did wrong and lessons learned for round 2: The bottom part of the waistband is backwards.... lol. the straight edges are the front and the angled edge is the back. If I don't get my answers from the company, I'm going to sew the center button stand on horizontally. It doesn't make sense vertically... unless I'm not seeing something correctly. Whew... these pants are kicking my ass!!! If someone can add some insight, please help!

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