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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Full Circle (from my oldest friend)

Hey Dana, I don't know if you remember this instrument in the book you sold me, but after years tracking down the maker of one of the resonators in the book, I finally found him in England. I inquired as to how much to build one for me. He informed me that he would no longer be building these high end instruments. I thanked him for responding to my inquiry. About a month later he sent me an e mail stating that he saw my My space page full of my own hand made guitars and that he had one left in an incomplete state and if I was interested, for the cost of shipping, it was mine! Well after two years of working out the logistics( his schedule is insane!!!!), It is now in my possession.
Seems strange to have it. Even better, it seems strange to contribute to the completion of his last one!!!!!! The first book you gave me set me on my guitar path and that last book I got from you, brings it full circle! When my shop was open, it was my dream to be a National Resophonic dealer, and I became one. Funny thing is... I never bothered to buy myself one. After my shop was closed, I thought I would never get a really good resonator.
After seeing the one in that book you sold me, I knew it was the one. Every appointment that adorned it was what I would have done if I were to make one. It was the one I wanted! I never thought in a million years I would be completing the very last of a very short run on these unique hand made gems. Anyway, Thanks, thanks thanks!!!. I will take the summer and complete it. I will not be doing a nickle plating, but rather a mustered yellow finish with a 1940s radar dish stencil on the back. save these photos because it will be amazing!!!!!

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