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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Once I Start, I Can't Stop!

11/0 gold Toho beads on memory wire, $20
11/0 gold Toho beads on memory wire, $20 
blue green crystals, $15

red and blue crystal bicones $15>>
<< for Colbi.
I'm loving the memory wire. The creative possibilities are endless. I must get some in a ring size.

I totally forgot about the bracelets I did the other day:

The above bracelet was made with green silk cord and 6/0 Miyuki Delica beads in green/gold, in a square knot macrame stitch, finished with 2 8mm crystal bicones, a key, a lock, and gold clover for a clasp. Great fun. I will incorporate more macrame into my work.

The take-away from this haul: I NEED A BEAD SPINNER!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Happenings On The Horizon!

French Beaded Flower earrings, $50

Gold Colored Copper Hoops, $25

I was supposed to be concentrating on playing my guitar. These were all made within the last 2 days. The French Beaded Flower earrings were just made yesterday/today, my first time making them. I definitely need a bead spinner. They're burgandy with a gold center, with a gold/rose AB crystal in the center. Next up is making my own RAW (right angle weave) beaded beads for earrings. I'm exhausted... it was 108 degrees today, and now it's 97 degrees... and it's 10:16 pm... what the F?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Production has started again!

Pinterest is so inspiring. I ran across the idea of braiding cord (hemp, cotton, etc.) and adding beads. Since I haven't quite settled down yet, I don't quite have a proper working space. Today, I got completely antsy and broke out my supplies. I don't have any cord or twine yet, but I have tons of 28 gauge wire (for wrapping), and tons of beads. Here's to throwing my hat into the ring:

Above, I used 11/0 Toho Beads in Rainbow Jonquil/Forest Green, with some silver, gold and antique brass crimp beads as accents. The braid is of 28 gauge wire. This is a double wrap bracelet, which is $20.

 and the above single wrap bracelets will be $10. Hello Creative Magic!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Look at this spectacular braid!!!

I don't know who this is, or who created this braid, but it is spectacular!

I'm back in business (computer wise), so I will be posting new creations soon. I'm still unwinding from the move cross country. I haven't found a job yet, so I may kick up the jewelry making to supplement my income.

Stay tuned.