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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Knitting Season Has Begun!

So the knitting brigade has begun. It's Fall, and I'm from Missouri. It's a tradition for me to begin knitting. Eventhough I'm in California, the weather is never truly cold enough for a sweater, or hand knit socks, but gosh darnit, I'm knitting something. Based on the last post, I got the Flounce yarn in red, fuschia, and rust (for my daughter, who changed her mind because she doesn't like variegated yarn), and the Katia Ondas in Violet for my sister, who also doesn't like variegated yarn). So I have to get a solid teal for my daughter, and the only teal I've found was the Cha Cha yarn by Trendsetter. This yarn is tres tres expensive, so she may be getting just a regular soft yarn for her infinity scarf. I found a bargain priced yarn, Red Heart Boutique Sashay in Jive, at Beverly's. I was surprised they carried it, but I got two balls to practice on. I'm so glad I did. There is no way in high heaven that I will be able to make the wide infinity scarves they want. Yes, they want infinity scarves. I found some wonderful patterns at my favorite pattern site, Garn Studio.

So I figured I'd practice on the Sashay yarn. This yarn may be the hardest yarn to knit with, next to the Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn. The picture above is just one ball of the yarn, at 3.5 oz, 100 grams, 30 yards, knit on a size 9 circular needle, 20 cast on stitches, knit in garter stitch - 12 inches of scarf. I'm thinking the finished scarf will just barely make it around my neck, in which, I'll sew a button on one edge, and make a button hole on the other edge. I tried a traditional knit on one side, purl on the other, which left the ruffles all on the purl side. It was pretty cool, and gave me the confidence to actually try an infinity scarf, but the weight of it was too much. Now I see why this is considered an accent yarn.

For my other project, I'm going to make the Crosstown Convertible. I saw it on Knitting Daily TV last week, and was mesmerized. Here's the link: Crosstown Convertible. I'm going to use the Lion Brand Homespun yarn I've been knitting on for the past 10 years (the yarn I was going to make my Carrie Bradshaw sweater with). Instead of ribbing (which I hate), I'm just going to use a stockinette stitch to keep it simple. I'm going to use the new bamboo needles (in picture) on it. I hope the Homespun isn't too bulky for them.

All the while, I'm still hexing, especially while I'm at work, when it's slow. I'm determined to finish that quilt. I can't wait to start embroidering on it. I'm also sad, because my cats have stolen my floral handkerchief.... damn cats!

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