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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Things Happening!

First, on a non craft slice of my life, I am totally obsessed with anything Pan Am. I ordered this bag about two weeks before the tv show first aired (such a yummy show). I am in love with this bag. Taking this bag out of the shipping box was almost an orgasmic experience. This is the Pan Am Hat bag, listed at 89.00 + s/h. They're out of stock on this model (I think I may have gotten the last one). Before I ordered it, I was wondering if my iPad2 would fit inside. Boy does it fit, along with everything else and the kitchen sink! If you can believe it, my GFC quilting project is inside the bag in the above picture (along with my iPad2 sitting next to it for perspective). I'm so in love with this bag. Very happy with this purchase. My next bag is the 70's Original Bag.

So the scarf/cowl/infinity scarf is finished (last night). This is TWO skeins of the Sashay yarn. This is strictly an embellishment, novelty yarn, not a main yarn to use. This is making me rethink the infinity scarves for my daughter and sister. I may use a regular cashmere yarn and go over it with the Katia Ondas and Knitting Fever Flounce yarns.

I've started the Crosstown Convertible shrug.

Will keep you posted.

Last night, I finally began to join the hex flowers, just to see how easy it would be. I still have a looooonnnnggg way to go with even finishing the six petal flowers. I get bored with just making flowers, so I have to shake it up for myself to persevere to finish this quilt. That's what I love about this quilt, that I can pick it up at any part (making flowers, sewing the flowers together, making the hexes, etc), and keep it interesting. Maybe if I was machine sewing everything together, I'd be finished sooner, but so far, it's still all hand sewn. Haven't put thought to how I'm going to machine quilt it. There's no way that I'm going to hand quilt this beast. My hands already look like a construction worker's hands.

You know I'm itching to start embroidering on the blocks!

Happy crafting.

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