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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Still Hexing, but....

Yes, I'm still hexing... everyday. I did write a song the other day, (and pseudo commissioned to write another one). It's hard to put the needle and thread down. Another obsession is lurking around the (payday) corner: ribbon yarn (or aka webbed yarn, net yarn). I was watching Knitting Daily yesterday, and the yarn was featured on a segment. I choked when I saw how much this yarn costs ($8- $28 a skein/hank). I do want to make an infinity scarf for Meghann, and definitely something for me. I also want to get some bamboo needles. It's that season again.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trudging Thru the Garden of Hexes!

Yes, I'm still hexing... I have to, because I'm going to finish this quilt. All by hand, except when I get to the actual quilting... trust and believe I'm machine quilting this monster. I remember, a couple of months ago, ambitiously saying I'd be finished with it in at least two months... well, at least, I'm still doing it. I won't give up. I've got it down to an assembly line system. I make the center flowers for awhile, then I make some green hexes and sew them on. When I get bored with that, then I sew on some white hexes to the center/green flowers. I've got quite a few centers that I'm sewing greens on to now. I've measured a complete flower under my 4" embroidery hoop, so that idea is going to work out fine. I do like how it's piecing together like a puzzle. Just with these four completed flowers, I see the possibilities of this quilt!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Finished the Handkerchiefs - Back to the Hexes!

I finished the handkerchiefs! This theme is the Bon Voyage theme from Sublime Stitching.
I'm obsessed with Pan Am stuff right now, so my girl is a Pan Am Stewardess, flying Pan Am Airlines! I should have put the country tags next to the "Greetings From", but c'est la vie.

Back to the EPP hexing.