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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slowly Coming Together

It's slowly coming together. I've stopped doing the center flowers for now, and I'm just concentrating on putting the grass (green) around the flowers, with the white borders. I also see how they will fit together, like puzzle pieces. If I run out of the white, it'll be easy to get more. I don't even care if the white matches. It may look more vintage if it doesn't.

I ordered the 6x6 and 11x11 Q-Snap frames from Sublime Stitching. I think the shapes are a little more convenient than the round hoop frames. I also bought some handkerchiefs from amazon.com. I can't believe how hard it is to find handkerchiefs, in this "green" age. I had allergies something terrible on Monday, and thought it would be nice to have embroidered hankies. Now, I will.

Happy crafting!

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