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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sublime, Sublime, Sublime!!!

These are the hex blocks I've finished and pressed so far (all but one, yellow upper right). I hope my excitement for making the GFG quilt continues. I'm so excited. I still can't believe that the EPP method is still better for me than machine piecing. I don't mind piecing while watching my Leave It To Beaver dvds. I do need new REAL prescription glasses, because the whipstitching is killing me. I'm so in love with EPP. I'm actually taking my papers out of my blocks once I'm done whipstitching everything together. I found a really cool method for sewing the pieces together:
Angie's Bits n' Pieces (I didn't see the page about cutting the batting the same size... dang. Duly noted for my 4th quilt). Just like when I was cutting the thousands of hexes, I'll just keep making the hex blocks until there are no hexes left! Mind over matter.

Here is my full attempt at my first Sublime Stitching lesson. It's coming so easy, but I'm not a stranger to embroidery, as I attempted it on my first quilt. Out of all the stitches on the sampler I've done, I can say that I'm not fond of her "magic chain" stitch. Too cumbersome. The "fan" blanket stitch is so fun. I actually adding my own originality to the bottom fan. The "french knots" are fun, as was blending the light/dark threads for the "fern" stitch. I did the majority of this at work, so it's a cool portable project.

I don't know why quilting and embroidery are a natural marriage made in heaven for me. I have other embroidery ideas running through my head (blank canvas bags, vintage thrift store shirts, hankies, pillow cases, dish towels, etc). I received my Sublime Stitching order today - pink scissors with green case (love), glow in the dark thread (love), the fierce transfer patterns, and a transfer marker. I can't wait to tear into them. I also received my transfer vellum, a 4" embroidery hoop, and more embroidery thread from Amazon.com (105 skeins). The only thing I still have left to come in is a set of colored transfer pens (Amazon.com). Once they do, I'm done for awhile. I'm still going to order the transfer vellum from Jenny Hart, just because the envelope is so cool looking. I have to take a break from spending all my money for now... I'm a craft hoarder! All I need now is just more white cotton fabric, but I'm not going to buy any until I completely run out.... it's white after all.

Stay tuned!

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