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Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Tackling the Beast!

My first quilt may kill me! I'm so worn out from handling it, but I'm making great progress. I'm not going to take another pic until it's done. I'm brewing up ideas for #2 - grandmother's flower garden quilt (GFG), and #3 the Rush quilt. I purchased the Inklingo Hexagon files (1" and 1.25", and all the freebies on her site). After reading for a week, I had to get freezer paper (Reynolds Aluminum 391 Freezer Paper) - the kind you wrap meat in. You have to iron the freezer paper onto the right side of the fabric to make it stable enough to run through an ink jet printer. The shapes print on the wrong side for cutting. I'm in love - see my results (my very first time printing - 1" hexagons.)

I also got my first jelly roll from Fabric.com. I'm not real happy with them because I purchased 2 and there was only one in the box! Suffice it to say, they got a very politely curt phone call immediately upon opening the box, and they're sending out the other roll promptly. That's not a good way to start off a consumer relationship, but they have some gorgeous fabrics.

I'm going to finish my GFG quilt with the technique shown here, created by Badskirt.
I also got the photo fabric paper for the Rush quilt. After I begin the GFG quilt, I may start transferring the cd cover photos.... though maybe not. I want to finish my projects before I begin another.

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