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Friday, June 17, 2011

Time to Sew! Quilts, Bras, Clothes!

I've been out of commission lately. My Dad passed away on May 23rd... I still can't say the words. I'm beyond devastated. I'm so in denial, admittedly so. So what do I do, in the aftermath? Immerse myself into my projects. I think the jewelry making has taken a backseat. I bought a new sewing machine the week before (and it's just sitting on the kitchen table, waiting):

Immediately, I have a quilt to finish, that I started back circa '96-97. The squares are rotary cut from me and my daughter's old clothes. Really. All I have to do is make the "quilt sandwich": backing = king sized sheets, thin polyester batting, and the finished quilt top. I started embroidering song lyrics in the blank middle spaces in the diamonds on the top. My next quilt will be the Grandma's Flowers Hexagon quilt.

Next to The Bra-Maker's Manual, by Beverly Johnson:

Yes, I'm going to make my own bras. I'm so sick of buying bras that don't really fit. I want semi-longline bras. The manual is 255 pages long. I'm serious about this. This is why I bought the sewing machine. After the bras come the tops and dresses. I loved to sew when I was younger, and I'm glad I've come back around to it.

This crocheted quilt was started in 2003. It is a replica of the SAME quilt that my Mom made back in the early 70's. She still had the original pattern, which I now have. I have the equivalent of a twin bed size made. I'm shooting for a queen/king size. Time to get the crochet hooks (size G) out again:

I made these for a work colleague. Jada's baby's booties:

I made these today. Started at 12:30pm, and finished around 6:30pm. They just need the white ribbon threaded under the ankle. I've made these before, so the pattern felt familiar.

I have to make stuff, I can't help it. Stay tuned!

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