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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Look At This Gorgeous Piece of Art!!!

I used 24 gauge gold colored copper wire, size 4mm Czech fire polish round glass beads Heavy Metal mix, 4mm Czech glass Druk round beads in Heavy Metal mix, 4mm Miyuki glass cube beads in Heavy Metal, and some 4mm AB and Gold round beads.

I haven't finished it yet. This is my variation on the "Quiet Spaces Necklace", designed by Jane Dickerson, on pg 48-49 in Denise Peck's book "Wire Style 2". It's absolutely breathtaking. It looks like a piece of art. I'm going to probably finish it off with a handmade coiled end cone. It's so beautiful, and it was so fun to make. I don't wear necklaces, but I may wear this one.... come to think of it, I don't go anywhere fancy enough to wear this.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Projects, New Jewelry Books

I have discovered the joys of twisting wire with my 3.6 volt cordless screwdriver to make twisted jump rings. After playing with that for awhile, I started making caged beads with my practice 20 gauge brass wire, and came up with this vintage inspired bracelet. I love the spiral clasp. It's more delicate than I prefer, but it's so beautiful.

Today, I received Wire Style and Wire Style 2 by Denise Peck, along with my first jar of liver of sulfur gel. Can't wait to start antiquing the pieces.

I make so much jewelry now that I have to proactively start selling the pieces. I still have one chainmaille Rearden Bracelet ($80) left, and 2 other chainmaille bracelets left. They're available if someone wants to purchase them. I will update the Esty page tomorrow.

Just wait until you see these earrings I'm making. Talk about delicate!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Finished Mermaid Bracelet (Mine)

I LOVE this bracelet. It fits perfectly, not too tight, but not too loose. I adjusted the size by the number of beads on the individual strands before the slide clasp was attached. I don't like that my loom is not long enough, so I may have to make my own (don't know where I'd get the warp coils from). Components: Miyuki Delicas in 11/0 Transparent Emerald AB, Nymo beading thread in Evergreen size D, Beadalon gold plated crimp beads size #1, 3mm gold tone crimp beads, Acculon 7 strand .012 beading wire, 31mm 22k gold plated 5 ring strand tube clasp. It's getting easier to make. I made this in 2.5 days. I find that securing the end terminals with E6000 epoxy is best. It dries clear and gives me a durable area to thread the beading wire through. It gives me piece of mind that the ends won't unravel.
I made this precious bracelet for Meechie's daughter Toni, aged 4 going on 40:
20g silver colored copper wire, 24g silver colored copper wire (for the wrapped bead loops), 4mm Swarovski AV crystals, silver toned clasp. I can expand this as she gets older.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Meechie's Bracelet Finished/Mermaid Bracelet Started

Meechie's bracelet, in black Miyuki Delicas size 11/0, black Nymo thread size D, 4mm silver tone crimp covers, 4mm Swarovski crystals, 7 strand .012 beading wire, 22mm silver tone filigree 5 strand large round box clasp:
Starting MY Mermaid bracelet (11/0 Miyuki Delicas in transparent emerald green, evergreen Nymo thread size D):
I'm going to finish this in a 5 ring strand tube clasp, either 22k gold plated or silver tone. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Meechie's Beaded Black Bracelet

Just finished the beading tonight. This is bracelet #2. Bracelet #1 came apart at the ends when I cut the warp threads. I will anchor weave these back into the bracelet before I sew the terminals on. Stay tuned.