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Friday, February 25, 2011

Update: I didn't like the wrapped loops, so I remade these when I got home from work. I think it looks better with just a simple loop, the silver bead, the crystals, and the head pin.
Time for more bead looming: I received the supplies for 2 new beaded cuffs (for my two best friends). Can't wait to get started with them (black for Meechie, purple for Robin). I'm going to do a green one for myself. I also got my silver/gold earring posts too. I think I will redo my crystal club earrings... or make another pair with the posts. I also got the blue/brown wire for my "tree of life" earrings. Love when I have projects back to back.

I just churned these out. Probably took me 5 minutes. I've been brewing on these since yesterday, when I got the fire polished blue crystals (the beautiful crystal bracelets from the front counter at Beverly's). Something simple yet elegant. Handmade eye pins - 20 gauge silver colored copper wire, hammered on the end to spread, then dropped the crystals on, finishing off with a wrapped loop.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Love These New Earrings!

These are my favorites so far. They're so dainty, and appropriate for everyday wear, if I don't feel like wearing something more exotic. 18 gauge silver colored copper wire shaped on the WigJig Centaur, 4mm silver beads, 6mm AB Swarovski crystal cubes, silver toned earwires. I think I will remake them once I get my silver toned ear posts. This pattern came from the WigJig site, proper. I love winding wire. So many ideas for colors, even multiple drops. The dark picture on the right should have been deleted, but I love the way the crystal looks.

These green glass pearls and 18 gauge WigJig pieces were left over from the necklace I did for my boyfriend's mother. I had enough of the 18g pieces for a bracelet. I was on a roll, so I made a tennis bracelet out of the rest. I still have some left. I'm envisioning some earrings, but not as a matched set to these. I would sell these for $20 each.

I just placed a huge order with Beadaholique (via Amazon.com). Several different colors of Miyuki Delicas (purple for Robin, black for Meechie, and the greens for me, of course). They want cuffs like the white beaded cuff bracelet I made for my sister. I love beading. I have to finish the heavy metal colored bracelet I have on the loom (the beads were $1 at Beverly's; I couldn't pass them up). I haven't mastered the peyote stitch, but there's time. So much jewelry to design, so little time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Still In The Earring Style Book (by Stephanie A. Wells)

I'm planning on making most of the earrings in Stephanie A. Wells' book, The Earring Style Book. Her instructions are so easy, and the designs are breathtaking. Of course, I put my own spin on the earrings, using different colored metal/beads, and often, renaming them. I'm calling these Marrakesh 2011. She's got a pair called Marrakesh, but they look different from these. My version is made with 18 gauge silver colored wire (for the frames), 24 gauge silver colored copper wire for the wrapping, and 11/0 Miyuki Delicas in Heavy Metal faceted. They are really light, so I must wear them tomorrow.