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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Version of DH Rio/This is when I became a designer

I just finished reading The Earring Style Book by Stephanie A. Wells. Very funky and stylish earrings. There are several that I want to make, since the pair above turned out so well (at least I think so). They're called "Rio", but I'm naming my version "Frost". I used the Crystal Myuki Delicas I had left over, with 18g silver colored copper for the hoop frames, and 24g silver colored copper for the bead wrapping - my first attempt. I was so inspired that I came up with this sketch at work tonight:
I'm calling them "The Tree of Life" earrings. I want to use 18g aqua-ish blue wire for the frames, brown or Vintaj bronze for the tree and I ordered a blue/green/purple Miyuki Delica 10/0 mix. This is when I became a jewelry designer. I love Stephanie's wire frames for her earrings:

All of my frames/hoops will be made like this, except for a through-the-ear pair I'm making tomorrow. Thank you Stephanie for the great book, the great earring designs, and for inspiring me.

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