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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yes, I'm still in spiral mode!

I'm still in spiral mode. I made these yesterday and wore them. Simple beaded earwire and two spirals made on the Spiral Maker/Centaur Wig Jig, 20g round soft brass. I need some half hard wire.

I have some projects lined up: a black beaded cuff, and a chainmaille anklet. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I remade the Stevie earrings. I have one channel of beads. The picture on the above right is the earring from the post below. I mentioned that the earrings were a bit heavy for everyday wear, and when I was trying to bend the top loop, it broke off. This is 18g wire, and I don't think it could be bent too often. I turned the other earring into a bracelet, with my first handmade S-clasp with the scroll ends. Me likey!

I've always had a vision for spirals, so it's only natural that I make some earrings. I love the idea of a spiral post, so the earring can sit on top of the ear hole, instead of hang underneath it (the picture on the right shows the posts). The double spirals have a 6mm Swarovski crystal AB on the post and a 4mm Swarovski crystal AB on the hanging spiral. I love these earrings.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Modified Stevie Earrings

From page 117 of The Earring Book by Stephanie A. Wells, I present my version of the Stevie earrings. I had to make these because they were inspired by my favorite singer, Stevie Nicks. I put my own spin on them, of course. I used Toho Rounds, 4mm, I believe. I bought these beads a long time ago, way before I got serious, so they may not be Tohos. The earrings have a bit of weight on them, so I wouldn't wear these every day. They were fun to make. I see so many possibilities with this design, like maybe 2 beads or just 1 bead, instead of the 3 that I did. The color combinations, gold tone wire with brownish beads, silver wire with crystal ABs.... endless.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Tree of Life Earrings

My attempt at Stephanie A. Wells' "Penelope" design. I love the shape of the earwires. I'm going to try this with a diamond shape.

The Miyukis came in for the Tree of Life earrings. Now I need the blue wire.
Top, 4mm glass cube beads, Serenity Greens Purple. Bottom, 4mm Heavy Metal Mix. I think I'm going to use the Heavy Metal with a gold frame for the Diamond earrings. Here is the prototype for the earring. I need to add the two inner branches, on either side of the middle branch:

It's so cool to totally think of an idea, then see it to fruition.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Version of DH Rio/This is when I became a designer

I just finished reading The Earring Style Book by Stephanie A. Wells. Very funky and stylish earrings. There are several that I want to make, since the pair above turned out so well (at least I think so). They're called "Rio", but I'm naming my version "Frost". I used the Crystal Myuki Delicas I had left over, with 18g silver colored copper for the hoop frames, and 24g silver colored copper for the bead wrapping - my first attempt. I was so inspired that I came up with this sketch at work tonight:
I'm calling them "The Tree of Life" earrings. I want to use 18g aqua-ish blue wire for the frames, brown or Vintaj bronze for the tree and I ordered a blue/green/purple Miyuki Delica 10/0 mix. This is when I became a jewelry designer. I love Stephanie's wire frames for her earrings:

All of my frames/hoops will be made like this, except for a through-the-ear pair I'm making tomorrow. Thank you Stephanie for the great book, the great earring designs, and for inspiring me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Completed Peyote Ring

I'm not really happy with my first completed "practice" piece..... I'm a perfectionist. This took me three days (starting and pulling it back). Peyote (with uneven beads) is hard. Keeping the turns straight is hard. This would be good with my new love, Miyuki Delicas. I love the coloring of this bead though. I got a big bag for $1 at Beverly's Crafts. I think I'm going to use these beads for a loom bracelet or lanyard.

I love beading though. I see so many possibilities. I'm going to do another ring, but less horizontal rows. (this was 14 rows). I'm open to the possibilities.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Learning Off Loom Beading

This is my very first attempt at the Peyote stitch, odd count at that! I started over at work tonight, and got pretty far, and my coworker lost my needle! So I have to start over. I'm going to make a ring, just to see how long it takes. I'm liking it so far. I like that I can put my beads in a ziplock bag, with needles, thread, and my beeswax. Very portable. It works up fast. I needed to learn a new technique, since I can't venture into PMC (precious metal clay) yet. I have to always be doing something.

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Migration" Earrings

Not 15 minutes after I posted below, I thought about making a branch like earring support out of the 18g vintage bronze wire, using my Centaur WigJig. I removed the jump rings and replaced them with the branch. I like it much better!
I have listed these at $20 on my Esty page (click on pics).


I churned these out after I finished the white earrings. I got these butterfly charms when I was at Beverly's, getting the 6mm biconces for the white bracelet. I had the 4mm bicones in Vitrail from a shopping rampage at Beadaholique and thought they'd go great with the antique gold colored metal findings I also bought. I made spiral head pins to put the 4mm bicones on, and used 18g antique bronze wire for the jump rings. They're pretty lightweight.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The White Bracelet

I finished the bracelet. I have found that by weaving the warp weaves back into the terminals works better for finishing the ends. Once they're weaved, I seal the ends with E-6000 expoy (it dries clear). Then I usesd 7 strand beading wire/thread with silver crimps (and 4mm crystal AB Swarovski bicones) and the silver 4 strand clasp. This is my sister's belated birthday present. I want to keep every piece I make.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Having Jewelry Making Withdrawals

I haven't started on anything else since I finished the white beaded bracelet. I fixed Karen's green/brown bracelet, but I ran out of crimp beads and they should be delivered tomorrow (along with my Cat Genie). I received two new books, The Earring Style Book by Stephanie A. Wells, and The Jewelry Architect by Kate McKinnon. Why did I get the Kate McKinnon book? It introduced me to Precious Metal Clay - I don't need another obsession! Look at this bracelet:
It looks like a little hobbit door. This is so cute. I have to make this..... BUT I'm not getting into PMC yet... too expensive for me. I would need a torch, a fire brick, the clay tools... maybe later in the year. This is so inspiring.