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Saturday, December 25, 2010

This bracelet 'bout killed me!

Huge lesson learned here: always plan the beading projects. This first bracelet had no plan. I thought I could put 29 warp threads (the vertical threads) and bead for about 7 inches, put some toggle clasps on it, and be done. That's not how this happened. Once I got to the ends, I had to figure out (aka learn) how end them (the terminals). Not easy. Thank God for E-6000 Epoxy. I thought it would be cute to make loops out of one side of the terminals and make toggles of the other side. I made really cute copper toggles, and I had copper squares with jump rings for the other end. It didn't work out because the length of the bracelet was too long. I didn't figure in the length of the clasps. I'm either going to keep the piece or undo it and reuse the beads.

I replanned Karen's gift, with 17 warp threads, at 6 1/2 inches, and it came out perfect:

I love the bead color. The beads I used are Toho round 11/0, in Metallic Iris Green/Brown and Rainbow Jonquil/Forest Green Lined, with a copper 3-strand hook/eye clasp (from Beadaholique @ Amazon.com). I only had cream colored Nymo thread for this bracelet, so I dipped the bracelet in cocoa brown rit dye/water to darken the thread. It gave it an antique look. I finished the ends with E-6000 epoxy. The next bracelet I do will be for ME, in Miyuki Delicas 10/0 in Brown Iris, with Nymo beading thread in Brown, size D.

This Bali bead bracelet is for my niece Colbi, per her request:

These earrings are for my sister, 20g silver colored copper wire and 4mm crystal AB Swarovski bicones:

It was a productive Christmas, I must say. I'm glad I even got to break out my knitting needles!

Now I can play my Sims 3 Late Night for a couple of days before I start on something else.

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