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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reworked Diamond Dangle Earrings

These are the reworked Diamond shaped dangle earrings from a couple of posts back. I made the long wire into a wire wrapped loop and put on a french ear wire. I think the original WigJig design is cool, but I have to think out that design a little more (to keep the wire from slipping out my ear. The long wire behind the ear gets caught in my hair too, and that's a no no.

These are just puzzle piece charms that I found on the internet. I don't like the wire wrapped long piece, so I'm going to buy an already made silver tone chain and connect it that way.

<< the last component (out of 34!)
I'm almost done with making the 18g components on the WigJig Centaur. Forgive my jewelry working station. Anyway, the 18g wire not easy to wrap around the pegs. Since this is a bracelet pattern, and I'm converting it into a necklace pattern, the results should be interesting.

I've found something new to add to my jewelry arsenal: beadweaving on a loom. I purchased a loom yesterday (from Amazon.com). It looks really easy to do. I'm going to make a bracelet for my boyfriend's sister. I think her skin may react to the base metals I work with, so she should be fine with glass beads and cloth. She's earthy, so I've picked out some pretty colors for her. I'm going to make a copper clasp for her though.

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