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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Making!

I was still working on Meghann's Flower earrings. I wanted the flower to sit upright, so it dawned on me to make spirals with my WigJig Spiral maker (I have the Centaur, so this spiral is for that one.) The wire is coming through the hole in the middle of the flower, and I twisted it around the spiral. The end of the spiral has the loop for the earwire. It worked!

I'm working on this WigJig design for a relative. I was told that she can't wear anything but gold, and I can't afford gold right now. It's a bracelet design that I'm going to turn into a necklace, that she can wear over her clothes. It's 18g gold colored brass for the wire components, 24g gold toned copper (for the bead dangles), and green colored Swarovski crystal pearls. I think it's lovely. I kept a couple of beads out for me to make some earrings for myself. I'm getting really good at making the bead dangles. I guess what they say is right: practice makes perfect!

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