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Monday, November 22, 2010

Meg's Flower Earrings

These are for my daughter. It's her idea. She purchased a pair of fabric flower earrings, and she sent me the picture, and I thought, "hey, I can do better than that." This is my interpretation. It took some creative thinking to figure out how to get the wire through the middle of the silk flower and have it angle the right way, but I did it. Then I did a basic wire wrap to make a eye loop. Tomorrow, I'll figure out how I want to finish them (add them to a chain or just add a figure 8 connector and french earwires). If I sell them, they'll be the standard $20.00. Stay tuned.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Earrings, new techniques!

I just started on these at about 11:30pm. I've made hoops for everyone but me. I used 20g silver colored copper for all the wirework (except for the euro lever earwires). I tried my hand at figure eight or "S" links. They're fun to make, but I need to find my consistency. I love the spiral dangles. I used 4mm Vitrail Swarovski bicones and AB Swarovski bicones. I love Swarovski crystals, and I try to look for any way to incorporate them. I didn't have any silver head pins, and it dawned on me to get my chasing hammer and bench block out and make my own. I was a bit nervous to leave the flattened end as is, so I took my round nose pliers and scrolled the ends up. I love the look (middle and right pictures).

All of my earrings will sell for $20, once I post them on Esty.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to the lab on these. This pattern is from WigJig University.
I love this site. The most recent designs I've done start from an idea from there. I may add an element or two to make it my own. For these earrings, I think the 20g wire is too soft. I hammered it with my nylon hammer. I also had to put plastic ear clutches on the back wire to keep the earrings from sliding out of my ear. When you do this, push the clutch all the way up to touch the back of your ear so they won't be seen. When I sell these, I will include plastic ear clutches with them.

I'm also learning how to do scroll work. I'm using scraps of wire, but they're turning into neat little charms. Waste not, want not!

So I know I need more pegs from WigJig, and I need a digital caliper - very important because I'm really not trying to do the math to figure out the proper AR (aspect ratios) for the more complex bracelet. I need to do a Captive Inverted Roundmaille bracelet, and I want to use my standard 18g/4.8mm AR 5.2 for the outer rings, but I have no idea what size to use for the inner captive rings. If someone knows, please let me know. I guess this is the fun of it all also, the discovery and making it work.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top left: Full persian weave chainmaille bracelet in bluish green niobium with a copper S clasp $80+s/h;
Top middle: Helm weave chainmaille bracelet in bluish green niobium with a silver tone heart toggle clasp $80+s/h;
Top right: Inca Puno weave chainmaille bracelet in bluish green niobium with gold tone clasp $80+s/h;
Bottom left: Orbital weave chainmaille bracelet in silver tone/gold tone jump rings with a silver tone lobster clasp $20+s/h;
Bottom right: Byzantine weave chainmaille bracelet in silvered copper jump rings with a silver tone heart toggle clasp $80+s/h.

Only the Galaxy and the Galaxy Star earrings can be found on our Esty page, at $20+s/h each. Click on the pictures to see which ones. I haven't posted all of them yet.

Yes, we have a new blog!

Yes, we have a new blog! The bid'ness is growing, so we didn't want to completely consume the Magic Hair blog! Our resident blogger will be blogging regularly, uploading pictures, adding links, and all the other stuff that bloggers do. We hope you enjoy our new special place.